Special Issue: Enhancing Rehabilitation and Assistance through Human–Robot Interaction: Current Trends and Future Directions

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Dear Colleagues,

In the realm of healthcare, the integration of robotics and sensor technologies is revolutionizing the landscape of rehabilitation and assistance. This Special Issue aims to delve into the dynamic field of Human–Robot Interaction (HRI) in the context of rehabilitation and assistance, shedding light on novel developments, challenges, and potential breakthroughs. By fostering a deeper understanding of the interplay between humans and robots in therapeutic and caregiving settings, this Special Issue seeks to pave the way for more effective and personalized approaches to patient care.

Highlighting the role of sensors in this paradigm, we explore how these technologies enable seamless interaction, data acquisition, and feedback mechanisms between humans and robots. Via interdisciplinary research, this Special Issue will reveal innovative sensor-based solutions that enhance the adaptability and responsiveness of robotic systems, ensuring safer and more efficient interventions.

By addressing the convergence of human–robot interaction, rehabilitation, and assistance, this Special Issue emphasizes the pivotal role of sensors in enabling real-time communication, data collection, and analysis. The integration of sensors into robotic systems for rehabilitation and assistance aligns seamlessly with the journal’s objective of advancing sensor technologies and their multifaceted applications. Researchers contributing to this Special Issue will present sensor-driven methodologies, algorithms, and systems that contribute to the ongoing evolution of healthcare robotics and human-centered care.

Prof. Dr. Davide Piovesan
Prof. Dr. Antonio Cardenas
Prof. Dr. Mauro Eduardo Maya
Dr. Alejandro González
Guest Editors

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