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Loredo, Antonio; Maya, Mauro; González, Alejandro; Cardenas, Antonio; Gonzalez-Galvan, Emilio; Piovesan, Davide A Novel Velocity-Based Control in a Sensor Space for Parallel Manipulators In: Sensors, vol. 22, no. 19, pp. 7323, 2022, ISSN: 1424-8220.

O. Ochoa, E. Mendez, A. González; “Stability Limits of an Antropomorphic Kapitza’s Pendulum”; COMROB22

S. Juarez, A. González, M. Maya; “A comprehensive system for the acquisition of EMG signals and muscle force in lower limb”; ICECCME22

H. Oliva, A. González, M. Maya; “ Parameter optimization and stability prediction, of the Dual‐SLIP model using evolutionary algorithms and ANN”; ICECCME22

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